Shelton, Mindel & Associates: Architecture and Design

Февраль 27, 2019

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Shelton, Mindel & Associates: Architecture and Design



The pristine interior design and residential architecture of the renowned firm Shelton, Mindel & Associates are celebrated in this first book on their work. Shelton, Mindel & Associates has been receiving international fame since its inception in 1978. Winners of over thirty AIA awards and recipients of the 2011 Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award for Interior Design, founding partners Peter L. Shelton and Lee F. Mindel have had a remarkable career crafting intricate yet minimal spaces infused with serenity and intelligence. Whether designing Sting s London townhouse or residences for power brokers and social leaders in New York City, Palm Beach, or the Hamptons, Shelton and Mindel invoke their passion for constructing unified environments, where the elements of design and construction become more than the sum of their parts they become comprehensive works of art. Shelton and Mindel s luminous aesthetic is the centerpiece of this monograph. With stunning photography of their most important residential projects, each project delves deep into the modernist roots and philosophy of this exceptional design duo, and in turn the pinnacle of architecture and design today.

Издатель: Rizzoli (RCS MediaGroup)

Год: 2013

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